Aiming to share knowledge with as many people as possible, Septentrion Environnement is involved with citizens, companies and public actors through scientific mediation. This pole, with a strong field approach, proposes specific activities of discovery, awareness and incitement to action. From citizen sciences to new technical solutions (underwater live, 3D tools), the projects carried out aim to provide impactful experiences with exchange and reflection as their major goals.


The Rio conference in 1992 marked an international awareness of the loss of biodiversity. Initiatives to contain and stop this decline are rising up. However, the erosion of biodiversity continues. Citizen sciences are improving to respond to these environmental challenges, but also because the citizen desire to get involved in environmental issues is increasing. Developing citizen sciences for a marine environmental management and protection purpose is a major challenge that we have decided to take up.


Since its creation, Septentrion Environnement has attached particular importance to technical and educational innovation. With more than 10 years of exploration in rebreather diving, experience in photogrammetry and underwater communication for monitoring purposes, the collective has developed innovative educational devices in virtual reality and underwater lives. These immersive experiences predispose the public to discover a new environment and question oneself, to consider the ecological stakes, to wonder about the environmental problems and their solutions, to become aware of one’s place and one’s role. These devices are proposed during large-scale events or specific communications aimed at stimulating objective critical thinking.


At the interface between the scientific community and civil society, Septentrion Environnement is committed to the transmission of knowledge. The members of the collective are solicited as mediators or experts during conferences, round tables, workshops, seminars or conferences.
With a close connection to our work themes, the team also produces pedagogical documents and scientific popularization by integrating its knowledge and visual supports (photos, videos, 3D models).