Experience a live underwater discovery


Solène Basthard-Bogain


To be defined according to the project


To be defined according to the project


Septentrion Live is an underwater duplex experience whose objective is to take the public on a live guided tour of the Mediterranean sea bed. This animation relies on a digital underwater transmission device to transmit live images and communication to an audience that stayed dry. Unique in its kind, Septentrion Live is an innovation of Septentrion Environnement developed over 10 years of experience.


Thanks to a wired sound and video retransmission system, an underwater diver-animator comments on a course he is taking while scuba diving. Filmed by a diver-cameraman, he embarks the public in the wake of his fins. His mask with integrated communication system allows him to interact directly with the surface speaker. Together they share their discovery with a public of internet users installed in front of a screen and connected to the live broadcast platform. An interaction is set up thanks to the instantaneous comments of the public transmitted live to the animators who are in charge of echoing them.


The diver follows his path according to the discoveries but also to the questions and remarks of the public. The animation is conducted from the bottom of the Marseilles coastline in the 0 to 40 m depth zone. Spect’Actor of the visit, the public is thus immersed during approximately 1 hour of underwater exchange according to operation.


The instantaneous transmission and the shared discovery are the assets of Septentrion Live. These formats of intervention invite wonder and awareness, two pedagogical tools that are a prerequisite for mobilization and action.


The device is proposed for all types of operations in connection with an external public or collaborators within the framework of large-scale events, congresses, workshops, communication operations or public meetings.


See the Trailer Septentrion Live

YouTube and videos of the animation replays.

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