In order to contribute to the sustainable management of Mediterranean ecosystems, it is essential to strengthen the knowledge of today's experts and train those of tomorrow. With this objective, we intervene in a set of initial and continuous degrees of training, in relation with our academic partners.
Considering concrete issues of habitats and species management, the students are trained to implement a scientific approach: to formulate a relevant questioning, to elaborate a sampling design, to choose between adapted protocols, to plan and implement the methods in-situ, in particular during scientific dives, then to analyze and finally to interpret the data.


Our skills and various fields of action lead us to meet people with varied training needs. In response to the needs of coastal stakeholders, we offer specific tailor-made modules, jointly developed with groups of stakeholders, or various establishments seeking to train their staff on targeted subjects, whether on the theoretical and/or practical side. These modules take the form of either intensive training courses lasting from a day to weeks, or specific sessions spread out over time. These modules can be planned in our facilities in Marseille or on the field of application concerned, in the Mediterranean Sea or elsewhere.


Committed to the development of competent professional actors in the field of environmental conservation, we are involved in various initial training diplomas dedicated to the understanding and management of coastal socio-ecosystems. These trainings are articulated in a complementary way to constitute a real “Sea” field: from the professional baccalaureate to the master degree, through BTS (Advanced Technician Certificate), Bachelor’s degrees and DU (University Degree), our training contents are based on concrete situations, answering the problems and stakes of the Mediterranean coastal territories.