Immersive exhibition Explor'Hab, an invitation to discover in virtual reality the ecology of the underwater landscapes of Marseille


Solène Basthard-Bogain


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The immersive Explor’Hab exhibition is an invitation to discover in virtual reality the ecology of Marseille’s underwater landscapes. In an underwater setting, the visitor puts on a helmet and joysticks and is invited into the realm of underwater diving. He discovers the emblematic Mediterranean landscapes by visiting the majestic diving sites of the Calanques of Marseille. During his immersion, he can learn about participative sciences as proposed by the POLARIS program to volunteer citizen divers.


Explor’Hab, thanks to the combination of virtual reality and participative sciences, offers the visitor a fun, modern and innovative tool that allows him to understand existing devices for the discovery and study of the marine environment.

The coral cave of Ile Maïre, the Pharillons drop-off, the arch and the Liban wreck, three well-known diving sites of the Calanques National Park are presented in virtual reality from photo surveys. The visitor is invited to explore the spaces in three dimensions within individual cabins.

The exhibition scenography, totally immersive, will have conditioned the visitor; texts printed on canvas, pictures and graphic illustrations present the coralligenous habitat, the underwater caves and the shallow rocky bottoms, specific environments of our coastline essential to the ecological functioning of the Mediterranean coastline.

From an educational point of view, Explor’Hab is above all an invitation to become aware and mobilize in favor of one’s territory by practicing virtual data collection (inspired by the POLARIS program), in conditions similar to those of a scuba dive.

Created for the World Conservation Congress 2021, Explor’Hab received more than 2500 visitors during the event. On this occasion, Septentrion Environnement joined forces with the Calanques National Park and the City of Marseille to offer a 150m2 exhibition entitled “Les Plongées virtuelles marseillaises” (Marseille Virtual Dives), of which Explor’Hab was a module in its own right.

From now on, the Marseilles Virtual Dives, or the Explor’Hab module alone, will remain a traveling educational tool available for events and technical demonstrations.

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  • Realization: Septentrion Environnement
  • Scenography: Anaide Nayebzadeh & Quentin Guillaud
  • Technical, lighting and sound: Gauthier Le Rouzic
  • 3D design: Septentrion Environnement (3D modeling), LIS (CNRS, AMU, UTLN) (Virtual Reality)
  • Visual identity: Quentin Sixdeniers – Les Six Patates
  • Translation: Tiffany Monfort

Plongées virtuelles marseillaises

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