Citizen dives with an environmental interest.




French Mediterranean seafront.


Multi-year project since 2016 and still in progress (no end date)


POLARIS is an educational tool to ensure citizens to dive with an ecological interest. Training in environmental observation allows you to discover species and habitats of the Mediterranean Sea. 

With POLARIS, you dive useful, for science, for people and for the environment ! We integrate citizens into our team with a common goal: to be involved in the protection of the marine environment, ecological transition and sustainable development.

Faced with the urgency to act, POLARIS invites you to participate in a collective awareness and give everyone a place in the protection of the marine environment.

POLARIS is exported into ambassadorial diving centers which lead the process with their divers, train in observation techniques and participate in data collection.

See also : “POLARIS – Citizen contributions to scientific monitoring” 


Educational workshops are provided from March to May before the dives onshore. The specific dives are spread over several weekends between May and November, through our environmental diving school. Data collection and observations can be made year-round with the POLARIS mobile app. The specific dives are supervised and opened to our diving members with an Advanced Open Water certification minimum.

Focus on: the POLARIS mobile app

We are developing a mobile application that allows open access data sharing for centralized scientific processing. This is real scientific sourcing. All protocols proposed in POLARIS are available in the mobile application. Divers can transmit their observations immediately after going out of the water ! This mobile application was born from the desire of divers to have an intuitive digital tool to transmit their data. It is available on Android and iOS and is the subject of continuous development to become a reference tool for citizen observation underwater diving. 


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