Citizens contributions to scientifics monitorings




French Mediterranean side


Multi-year project since 2016 and still in progress (no end date)

If you could have the 1st role in the knowledge of the marine environment, would you take it?


POLARIS is a citizen sciences platform where data collected while diving by citizens, contributes to the research and scientific knowledge. The results based on these data feed into scientific monitoring and guide management measures.

Within our environmental diving school, an efficient process offers supervised data collection according to specific themes, linked to the challenges of global warming. A mobile application allows data to be shared in open access for centralized scientific processing. 

Focus on the POLARIS mobile app

A reference program in the territory of the Marseillaise metropolis and the Calanques National Park, POLARIS is supported by all local public entities and is integrated into management strategies (eg: Contrat de Baie). It is also part of a french national network, the “Collectif Vigie Mer”.

Helpful links

Reports from data collected by citizen divers (CIGESMED for divers)

POLARIS Protocol Application Tutorials

Fish Visual Census

Coral Alert


A methodological guide explaining in detail the POLARIS approach



Educational workshops are held from March to May ahead of the dives. The specific dives are spread over several weekends between May and November, through our environmental diving school. Data collection and observations can be made year-round with the POLARIS mobile app. The specific dives are supervised and open to our diving members with Advanced Open Water certification minimum and are communicated to you ahead through a newsletter.

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