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TRANSCOR Project on France Inter


On Sunday 26 June 2022, Denis Cheissoux, in his radio programme CO2 MON AMOUR on France Inter, offered the general public a focus on one of our studies (TRANSCOR project) on the capacities of red coral (Corallium rubrum) and red gorgonian (Paramuricea clavata) to survive and develop in modified environmental conditions. The context of global warming and the question of intervention on degraded sites with a view to restoring biodiversity raise many technical questions that we must answer. The preliminary scientific studies and technical, economic and ethical reflections are indispensable and fascinating.

Originality of the radio programme: A scientist diver from Septentrion Environnement answered Denis Cheissoux’s questions live while being immersed in one of the TRANSCOR project’s transplant sites. This was possible thanks to the use of our underwater duplex platform.