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Ecol’ogie, the underwater live event dedicated to schoolchildren

On 16 November 2021, nearly 3,000 children logged on to the Ecol’ogie underwater live show offered by Septentrion Environnement.

The Septentrion Live is a unique device that Septentrion Environnement has been offering for over 10 years as an educational tool for one-off operations and large-scale events.

This time the operation was designed to draw on the 2021 programme of major world events in terms of the environment (Opening of the Decade of Ocean Sciences 2021-2030, World Conservation Congress 2021 IUCN, COP 26 on climate change) for school children. The project attracted the Bouches-du-Rhône Department and the City of Marseille, which called on the primary and secondary school classes for which they are responsible, inviting them to take part in this unique live event.

For almost an hour, the children and their teachers were literally immersed in the waters of the Mediterranean. The marine diver-biologists, connected from the Cap Caveau cove in the south of the Frioul Archipelago, were able to answer the youngsters’ many questions live.

On this day, the water temperature was 18 degrees; proof of the great inertia of the liquid element which has another major interest: that of absorbing gas and the heat that are largely responsible for climate change. While addressing the issues of ocean warming, biodiversity and marine pollution, the young people were able, through the intermediary of the diver-animators, to descend along a coralligenous drop-off (calcareous algae), then fly over small rocky bottoms before beginning a slow ascent while respecting the indispensable decompression stops. On their way they came across sponges, gorgonians, false coral, but also spirographs, a moray eel, sars, a school of dreamfish, Mediterranean rainbow wrasse or even starfish, and a grouper returning to its hole… a wide range of Mediterranean coastal biodiversity.

The results of this event were very positive, as the event was well attended by schools (114 classes from the Bouches-du-Rhône region took part) and also by pupils and their teachers, who were constantly asking questions throughout the broadcast.

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